Welcome to Idre Padelcenter

How to book

We use MATCHi for booking the paddle courts.

If this is the first time you need to create an account
 - Go to www.MATCHi.se and create an account

Book a court
 1. Download the MATCHi app or go to www.MATCHi.se
 2. Click on BOOK in the menu and search for Idre Padelcenter
 3. Select a free time and click on BOOK and pay
 4. You will now receive an email with a CODE to enter the facility and information about your booking (Facility, course, date, time, etc.)

Cancellation is made via the MATCHi app or website and must be made 24 hours before the booked playing time to receive a refund. A fee of SEK XXX is always deducted from the amount that is refunded.

Rackets from RS-Padel are available for rent in the hall and we also have vending machine for balls and wraps!

Payment for rental rackets are performed via Swish for Swedish citizens.
For non-swedish citizens please pay in the vending machine and purchase a usage slip.

General information about padel

Padel is a racket sport that is mainly practiced in Spain and Latin America. Padel is today Europe's fastest growing racket sport!

Source: Rules of sport
  • Padel matches should be played on a regulation Padel court that is 20m x 10m and is blue, green or terracotta.
  • Padel games shall be played between two pairs of players using regulation Padel racquets.
  • Before a match, a coin is tossed. The winner gets to choose whether to serve first or which end of the court to start on.
  • Each match begins with a serve, which must be done underarm but like tennis must go diagonally into the opponent's court.
  • Both teams must attempt to score more points than their opponents.
  • The opposition wins a point when any of the following occurs:
  • The ball bounces twice
  • The ball strikes you or a teammate
  • The ball hits the wire fencing or another fixture before going over the net or going into the opponent’s court (classed as out of bounds).
  • Matches are made up of 3 sets, with each set made up of six games. The winners of two out of the three sets will be declared winners of the Padel match.

  • Rack: A paddle rack is needed, these are available for rent in the hall.
  • Ball: Padel balls (slightly different from tennis balls) are available to purches in a vending machine in the sports center.
  • Shoes: Indoor shoes that are clean are a must, there are paddle shoes that provides better grip.
  • Water bottle!
  • Shorts, skirt or trousers with space for an extra ball.
  • Energy and sports drinks and bars can be bought in the hall in the vending machine.
  • Paddle shoes are recommended for good grip.
  • If you have your own rack, change the rack wrap when the grip gets worse, these are available to buy in the vending machine in the hall.

Padel store

We have a padel store around the corner from the sports center - see map below.
The padel store is inside the Jones Elservice store - open hours are Mon-Fri 07:00-16:00